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Cause Célèbre
 Scandalous incidents arousing widespread controversy...

Each episode will reveal a twisty tale of celebrity and fame run amok, uncovering the crafty and conniving manipulations of the rich and famous — and those who desperately want to join the club. Taking place in an established universe, each episode will interconnect with others, revisiting characters and themes to depict the alternate-reality “bubble world” of today’s celebrity scene — where there are no moral boundaries, no guilt and absolutely no shame. The audience will recognize characters and situations inspired by real life, but they will never guess where the stories will take them.

(Pilot) “Double Trouble”
TV teen-queen actress LINDSAY LAWSON tries to change her image by manufacturing a sexy scandal with RICHARD, an edgy photographer. Her AGENT and his assistant, GWEN, conspire to create the perfect intimate moment, no matter the cost, and then leak photos of them to the press to bring LINDSAY the fame she craves.

01 “Shoots/Scores”
A rookie pro basketball player on the road, MARCUS hustles to cover up his side action when his finacé, RAYVEON, shows up unexpectedly. Can he keep up his D game until she leaves? Or will she discover his bad behavior? He seems to be winning until his planned fling with a certain teen-queen actress: LINDSAY. The final score? The new Everest-sized rock on his girl’s left hand.

02 “Call Time”
With his new movie starting to shoot the next morning at dawn, an actor, CHRISTIAN, manages to get into plenty of trouble in his hotel room as other cast members drop in unexpectedly, creating mayhem. To cover up the mess, his AGENT stages a faux robbery to distract attention from her client’s bad behavior, making him the “victim.” Trouble starts when his story starts to unravel.

03 “Recipe for Disaster”
A celebrity chef, DEBORAH, visits her “THC-based” restaurant in Vegas and soon finds herself in trouble when her childhood girlfriend and investor, RAYVEON, reveals the “secret menu” that’s being served — featuring a buffet of illegal drugs being delivered directly to customers. Her restaurant — and mainstream fame — is the perfect front for the all-cash operation.

04 “Opening Night”
AVERY, a director desperate to build buzz about her new film at a major festival, will do anything to get her movie programmed to play the opening night. Seducing the program director might not be enough, so she sets her sights on the founder of the festival — who has her own agenda. AVERY’s secret weapon? CHRISTIAN, the star of her film, whose AGENT seems to be pulling all the strings.

05 “Cover Story”
A naive journalist, DAVID, arrives on the set of a $100 million movie in production on location, resulting in an affair with a producer, JANE. The Oscar-winning director, OLIVER, who has his own interests in JANE, learns of their tryst and make some sudden changes to the script to make art imitate life — just to make her life complicated. DAVID finds an unlikely confidant on the set, LINDSAY, after she uncovers the affair

06 “The POTUS Games”
MONICA, daughter of the President of the United States — code named “Katniss” — conspires to go wild while on Spring Break with the Secret Service hot on her tail. Her bestie RAYVION and her boyfriend MARCUS arrive to rescue MONICA from boredom. Can they keep a lid on everything that happens? Especially as dad is running for re-election?

07 “Not A Role Model”
After falling off the runway during a fashion show, VIV, a demanding supermodel with a broken ankle, makes life miserable for her new assistant, GWEN — who lands in jail by taking the fall when her boss’ drug stash is discovered. Her photographer ex-boss, RICHARD, who hates VIV for backstabbing him, bails GWEN out, but how will they work together to get a taste of revenge?

08 “Under the Influencer”
A popular YouTuber with some very spicy opinions on Hollywood, ABAYA is approached by a major network to do “red carpet” interviews at a tweener awards show. All of our favorites are there to make the scene wearing their best: LINDSAY, MARCUS and RAYVION, DEBORAH, VIV, CHRISTIAN, AVERY and more. ABAYA embarrasses them all in front of the cameras with her sassy scorched-earth approach just as the biggest celebrity scandal of all time — involving First Daughter MONICA — lands on her lap during the live coverage.

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