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Scandalous Incidents Arousing Widespread Controversy

Cinema Five Films Presents 

A New Series

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The road to being cancelled will be paved with poor decisions...

Ego. Greed. Sex. Power.

Each of these episodes in this lnterconnected series will engage viewers with clever tales of stardom and celebrity gone wrong, filled with twists and turns as the characters seek fame, wealth, and power — often with an unintended outcome... that they least suspect but richly deserve.

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There’s a window of opportunity during every actor’s career that may rely on a good or bad
decision that can make them famous or ruin their reputation forever. In this episode, Hollywood “teen queen” Lindsay Lawson is seeking to break away from her old bubblegum image.


A provocative shoot with Richard Hemmings — an edgy New York photographer — might do just the trick. But she and her devious agent have also hatched a secret plan to ensure success, no matter the cost to anyone around them.
Directed by Patrick J. Donnelly
Written By David E. Williams

Cause Célèbre - “Double Trouble” (Pilot)

Patrick Donnelly - Director / DP / Executive Producer
Emmy Award | Telly Award | Academy Award


Patrick has worked on a wide range of projects including "GirlFight" as second unit DP, which won Best Picture at the Sundance Film Festival. "A-Alike" which won the Academy Award for best student short in 2004. He has shot 155 live performances for MTV/VH1 from some of the music industries biggest acts. He wrote, directed and shot his feature film debut with his independent movie "Divergence", which won Best Picture in 5 film festivals and is currently on Netflix.  

David Williams  - Writer
Executive Producer


A veteran journalist — The Hollywood Reporter, Details, Geek Magazine — he is the publisher of American Cinematographer. He later served as an executive producer on the stylish HBO/Cinemax crime-noir anthology series Femme Fatales, which was sold internationally in more than a dozen territories worldwide by eOne.


Meg Sudlik

Executive Producer 

Meg Sudlik is currently VP Head of Production at Paramount Brand Studio, the Branded Content arm of Paramount Global.  Prior to the merger with CBS, Meg was a VP Executive Producer with MTV Promos for over 15 years.  Meg has worked in commercial and music video production in New York for decades and Executive Produced the film "Divergence" with Patrick Donnelly, which won Best Picture in 5 film festivals and was distributed on Netflix.

A Peek Behind The Cause Celebre Curtian...

Cause - Celeb'

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Cast Members

The Edgy Photographer

Jacob Ware

The Photographers Assistant 

Cali Scolari

The Unsuspecting Girlfriend

Tiana Walsh

The Agent 

Megan Owen Parker

Piper Verbrick

Teen Queen

Leo Gibbs

Mike The Boyfriend


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